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The Gazetteers website has served its users well for many years, but we felt it was time to update the site with a fresh, modern design and improved technology, including making the site accessible via tablets and mobile – the result is TravelAnswerz.

We want to give everyone a chance to move over to the new site at their own pace and to deal with any issues that may arise , so the site will remain accessible until November 30, but you should start acquainting yourself with the new site now. From November 30 you will automatically be redirected to

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Privacy Policy

This website is operated by Travel Weekly Group Limited. Travel Weekly Group Limited collects and uses information from users of its websites and subscription services in the following ways. By using this website or service you consent to this collection and use of information.

Voluntary Information

We may ask for further information about you as part of online surveys or if you enter any competition or other promotional feature. This information will be used to enable us to improve our website or online service.

Contact details

Contact details provided by you (such as your name, job title, telephone and fax number and your e-mail and postal addresses) may be used occasionally to tell you about important changes to the service or website and its functionality. We may pass your personal data to anyone who needs those data in order to process your payment or to validate any payment details that you give to us. Some of those people may be located in countries outside the European Economic Area, where data protection laws may be less rigorous than in the UK. We may also provide your personal data to anyone who buys our business or business assets.

Except as set out above, we will not disclose your personal information unless we are obliged to do so or allowed to do so by law, or where we need to do so in order to run our business (for instance where we outsource services or where other people process data for us).


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by us on your computer which enable us to identify your computer when you access our services or websites. We may use cookies to provide you with a convenient means of access, without needing your password. Also to protect the integrity of registered user names and passwords and to limit access to 'paid for' services. We will not disclose information obtained by the use of cookies to third parties.

Data Protection Policy

E-mails sent via this Travel Weekly Group Website will be monitored by Travel Weekly Group for statistical purposes and these statistics may be passed onto to advertisers on the website.

Statistical information

Aggregate statistical information provided by us to our advertisers or others regarding sales or website usage will not include personally identifying information.

Banner advertisement serving

A separate privacy policy applies in the case of banner advertisements on our site. Please refer to

Changes to Privacy Policy

Changes to this policy will be posted here.


This is the website of Travel Weekly Group, registered in England and Wales with company number 6927031 with its registered office at 3rd Floor, 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0AU. We are registered for VAT and our VAT registration number is GB 972 3072 21.

To alter your details

If your personal information changes you can alter the details we hold by sending an e-mail to: You may also use this email address to request details of any of your personal data that we process.

Your comments

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